Vine Alternative

Vine Alternative

We had such a demand that we have gone on the hunt for platforms that can provide similar technology and ease of use.

In our search we have found Scoop by

vine alternative

Vine Alternative

Scoop offers loops like vine, and much more.

The incline team has also figured out a way for viners, which I guess will be called Scoopers to monitize their work.

FACT: many creators on vine spent 10-20 hours to set up a 6 secon loop for their fans. Some of these viners like MuchoSuavo and Jacob Carr would have tens of thousands of followers, and every time they produced quality content could get millions of loops over time.


Twitter is shutting down vine, probably because it is not a profit center for them.


It was not creating revenue for the creators either, like Youtube or Google content creators that can make $3000 to $130,000 a month from their amazing content.


Incline Media has stated they plan on building an entire monetization platform and distributing the majority of the revenue created from the platform to the creators, fans and users of their platform.

Incline media (now only in Alpha) has one of the 8 parts promised by the team launched and is reported to be profitable for the company, the users and marketers….now with the news Vine is closing down, incline has moved their social/streaming/video project to the front of the line to give die hard fans and creators a place to go and promises to create a economic reason for amazing content creators , to keep creating amazing content.

“It is the amazing content that drives our new digital economy, and those who create it should get paid like the STARS they are” states one of the incline executives at VidCon 2016.

So with Vine pulling out, many people are rushing to Scoop to lock up those channel names before someone else does and figure out what the future holds for all. More information can be found at Incline.Media, for press inquires call 1-774-INCLINE

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