Top Medigap Companies

Top Medigap Companies

When looking for a Medigap plan or Medigap companies you may know that all the plans are standardized. This means all the plans later A-N no matter what company you choose will have to give you the exact same benefits. With all the different Medigap Companies to pick from we here at 1-800-MEDIGAP have done the long and tedious process of researching and looking into the companies customer service of all the many Medicare supplemental insurance companies for you.


Today I will go over a few of the top rated Medigap companies we have here at 1-800-MEDIGAP.

Mutual of Omaha

The first Company I’m going to talk about is Mutual Of Omaha. They are one of our top companies. Mutual of Omaha is a great company. They are A+ rated on A.M Best Rating which means that the companies that have superior ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. Under Moody’s Investors Services Mutual of Omaha is rated A1 which means that for current financial strength and ability to withstand financial stress in the future. Also, under Standard & Poor’s they are rated AA- which means that they have financial strength to meet obligations to policyholders. Mutual of Omaha was founded in 1909 and are based in Omaha, Nebraska. They have billions of customer’s with their company nationwide.This is why they are our number one insurance company that we offer.

Mutual of Omaha History

Mutual Of Omaha has also started their own bank. Furthering their stability as a company while opening new doors for them. The clients we have helped get signed up through Mutual of Omaha have given us some amazing reviews. Not only on the supplement benefits they receive but their customer service relations as well. This is why they are our number one insurance company that we offer here at 1-800-MEDIGAP.  


Individual Assurance Company (IAC)

Founded over 50 years ago as an insurance agency focused on meeting the insurance needs of financial institution customers, Individual Assurance Company (IAC) has grown through the years by remaining  “Focused on what matters most.”

IAC began doing business in 1956 as Institutional Agencies Corporation, and in 1973 was established as a Missouri domiciled insurance company.  Today, we are headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma, and operate in 43 states and throughout a number of Pacific island nations and territories.  With nearly $4 billion of insurance in force, we maintain a “B+ (Good)” rating from A.M. Best Company with a stable outlook. (As of 6/4/2015.)

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Our focus on the future is clear.  We work to continually expand and enhance our products and services, giving you the resources to meet the changing needs of the communities you serve. From individual life, health, and accident insurance, to group programs and administration, IAC remains “Focused on what matters most.”


New Era Life Insurance Company

The company was incorporated in 1924 and current management took over in 1989.  Throughout its history, the New Era family of companies has provided quality, affordable insurance, and financial products highlighted by outstanding customer service.

Our Companies Include

New Era Life Insurance Company
Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company
New Era Life Insurance Company of the Midwest
Each of these companies has sole responsibility
for the products they issue.
A.M. Best Financial Rating

New Era is in the A.M. Best “Secure” group of insurance companies with a current rating of B+ (Good). A.M. Best is the leading provider of ratings for the insurance industry. Their ratings are recognized as the benchmark for assessing the financial strength of insurance organizations.


These are just three of the many amazing Medigap companies we are appointed with here at 1-800-MEDIGAP. Looking for more information or maybe you have questions about Medigap plans or Medicare. You can call me at (475) 88CARLY / (475) 882-2759

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