Top 7 things Medicare won’t cover

Top 7 things Medicare won’t cover

There are a lot of things that Medicare does cover but there are a few that they don’t. And finding out what is or isn’t covered can be hard with all the information out there. But here are the top ten things medicare does not cover.



1. Hearing aids and exams for fitting to your ear

Although Part B Medicare covers doctor-prescribed balance exams and diagnostic hearing tests, it will not cover regular hearing examinations. In addition to consistent examination, hearing aids and appointments for choosing and fitting the devices are not covered by the Medicare program.

2. Dental care

Medicare does not insure basic dental care including fillings, tooth extractions, and cleanings. Still, Part A Medicare has the potential to pay for certain services someone may undergo while being hospitalized for an emergency.

3. Eye Exams

Medicare does not cover standard eye exams for contact lenses and eyeglasses, but most program beneficiaries are qualified for typical vision checkups during preventive care appointments listed under Part B. However those with diabetes enlisted in the program are qualified for a regular eye exam for diabetic retinopathy.

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4. Eyewear

Following eye exams, eyewear is usually not funded by Medicare, although many seniors suffer from poor sight. Part B Medicare does have the possibility to fund one set of eyewear, if someone undergoes cataract surgery that implants an intraocular lens into the eye.

5. Nursing Care

Medicare fails to cover most nursing care and is only given out in order of necessity. Although nursing services are severely restrained, Medicare does cover what is called skilled care, which is performed by medical professionals. Skilled care, however, is only provided in a care facility. Skilled care includes certain kinds of nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy, according to

6. Acupuncture

This is an Elective procedure in the eyes of Medicare, therefore they will not cover this.

7. Cosmetic Surgery

It may be obvious that Medicare will not cover Cosmetic, surgery. Medicare was made to cover medical necessary procedures. Elective procedures and surgeries are not on their list of things they cover. a surgery must improve your well-being in life to either make it easier to move or is going to save someone’s life.


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