Switching Your Medigap Supplement

Switching Your Medigap Supplement


Thinking about switching your Medigap supplement or just comparing prices. I think it’s in every ones best intrust to make sure you are getting all you can at the lowest price for your Medigap insurance. Knowing how to switch and when is some of the most difficult things. but I’m here to make it a simple.

these are three of some of the top reasons you might want to look into switching your Medigap plan. As long as you are on a true Medicare Supplement plan you can change your Medigap Supplement at any time.

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You need more benefits than you needed before.

With supplemental plans, there are 10 to choose from. For example, Let’s say you have a plan N. You might have picked this plan because of the lower monthly cost, but you’re going to the doctor more now. You might not like that this plan has copayments. Or if you are in a state that allows excess charges you might want to make a change to avoid this cost. Such as a Plan G. That would take away comments and the excess charges. This way your have a small deductible and your monthly payment only.

Your current Medigap policy has the right benefits, but you want to find a policy that’s less expensive.

There is an easy way to do this. You could look at all the different companies that offer Medigap supplements to your area. Most will let you call and talk to them. But let’s be honest sitting down with a list of companies to call would be a long and daunting task to take on. plus remembering everything just one company offers is hard enough! let alone 10 or 15. That’s why 1-800-MEDIGAP has set up and has agents trained on a system that lets us see all the different top rated companies that offer you Medicare supplemental insurance. We can compare prices and plans with just a click of a button and help you find the perfect plan for you.

Something else that might warrant you switching plans is, Your current Medigap policy has the right benefits, but you want to change your insurance company.

Although all the Medigap supplemental plans with the same letter are going to have the same benefits you may no longer be satisfied with the company that is insuring you. That’s okay! There are a lot of companies to pick from. This is one of the reasons I suggest you look at all of the companies that are available to you in your area. It is important to stay up to date with what is offered in your area and what might have changed.
For the most up to date rates and information, you can speak with me a  licensed agent at (475) 88CARLY.

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