Social Security Phone Number

Social Security Phone Number

Medicare Supplements are our speciality!

However before you can purchase a medicare supplement plan you must have your Medicare Part a and Medicare Part be effective date. We can enroll you in most cases up to 90 days prior to that date but we will need your part A and Part B number to give you your policy number.


If you do not have this you will want to call medicare at 1-800-633-4227


If you are getting ready to retire or need to speak to the Social Security Office here is their contact information:


If You Need to Inquire About a New or Replacement Social Security Card

If you are calling about a new or replacement Social Security Number card, call 410-965-9334.

If You Are Already Receiving Social Security Benefits

If you are receiving or are already entitled to Social Security benefits and wish to contact us, use the numbers shown below.  You will need to look at the last two digits of your Social Security claim number in order to determine which number to use.

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Last Two Digits Are: Phone Numbers Are:
between 00 and 24
between 25 and 49
between 50 and 74
between 75 and 99


If You Have Applied for Social Security Benefits

Benefits If you are calling about a pending claim for Social Security benefits or other non-claim issue, call 410-965-2356.



When contacting the Social Security office  By Phone

You may also contact us by phone if you speak English.  You can call our office using the telephone numbers provided.  You will need to pay for the call because we do not currently have a toll-free service for calls from outside the U.S.  If you call, please do so during normal business hours for the Eastern U.S.

When you call, you can assist us by having:

  • your Social Security Card Number
  • a list of questions you wish to ask
  • any recent correspondence you received from us; and
  • a pencil and paper to record information and answers to your questions

If you have to leave a recorded telephone message, be sure to speak slowly and distinctly.

The information below will direct you to the correct telephone number to use.  Please read carefully prior to making your selection.

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