Secondary Insurance for Medicare

Secondary Insurance for Medicare

There are going to be 2 different types of Secondary insurance for Medicare. The two different types are an Advantage plan, and a Supplement plan. They are two totally different types of insurance. But let’s talk about what the difference is between these.


Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

Advantage Plans

An Advantage plan is going to be one of the secondary insurance plans for Medicare. Now depending on what insurance company you go with will decide on how good of coverage you get for this type of plan. With Advantage plans you will be in a network with your doctor, so you will have to make sure your doctor is in the network before you buy the plan. With this type of plan you might pay less for the plan itself but in the long run you might have a high deductible, and/or a maximum out-of-pocket cost. And I have seen them go up to $6700 a year. So before you buy a plan like this make sure you are looking into every detail of it. Because another thing about this type of plan is that you can only get this type of plan one time out of the year. Once you are enrolled in the plan you can not get out of it until the Annual Enrollment period in October. Now of course there are a few ways that you can switch during the year. But if you want more information on that you can give me a call directly at 901-KORTNI8.


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Supplement Plans

Medicare supplement plans are going to be a lot different than the Advantage plans. If you were to get a Supplement plan as your secondary insurance for Medicare then you have to look only at a few things. The cost is going to be more than the Advantage plans and let me tell you why. There is a Medicare Supplement plan out there right now that will cover you 100% after Medicare. Now you will pay more for this plan but you will be covered. With Medicare Supplement plans you are not in a network for you doctors. As long as your doctor accepts Medicare then they have to accept your Medicare Supplement plan. These plans are standardized. That means that it doesn’t matter what insurance company you go with the plan benefits will stay the same. So what you will want to do is find out what insurance company is offering the best rate for each plan. And find out what plan best fits your situation.


If you are ready to get signed up for your Secondary Insurance for Medicare then you can give me a call here at 1-800-Medigap, or you can reach me directly at 901-KORTNI8. I am a licensed broker and I can see multiple companies and what each of them offer for these plans.

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