Secondary Insurance for Medicare Patients

Secondary Insurance for Medicare Patients

There are going to be two different types of Secondary insurance for Medicare patients. There is an Advantage plan and then there is a Medicare Supplement plan. If you are retired and get offered a group insurance from your employer then you can also use that. Now I will explain to you how the Advantage plans and the Supplement plans work with your Medicare.


Advantage plans

Instead of having Medicare Parts A and B, when you get an Advantage plan it will take over the Parts A and B and become a Part C. This plan will cover some of what Medicare doesn’t cover. As you probably know Medicare will cover you 80% and then the Advantage plan will pick up some of the extra cost depending on what plan you got and what company you go with. With these Advantage plans, sometimes you can get some extra coverage. That includes, dental, vision, hearing, and prescription plans. With this type of plan you have to go to a doctor that is in your network. If they are not in your network then they may not cover you.


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Supplement plans

What Medicare Supplement plans you have to have Medicare Part A and B before you can get a plan. With these types of plans you will not get any extra coverage like the dental, vision, hearing or prescription. But you can get those things separate. These plans are going to be better plans than the Advantage plans. These plans you can go to any doctor you want as long as they accept Medicare.  These plans are also standardized, which means that the plan can not change its coverage depending on the company you go with. There are 10 different plans that you can choose from. They go by the letters A through N. If you decided to go with a Medicare Supplement plan then I would only suggest 3 different plans, F, G or N.



If you have any further questions about what you should do about your Secondary insurance then you can give me a call here at 1-800-Medigap, or you can reach me directly at 901-KORTNI8. I am a Licensed Broker and I can look at multiple companies to see who is offering the cheapest rate for these types of plans.

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