Nursing Home Care With Medicare

Nursing Home Care With Medicare.

When it comes to Medicare knowing what they pay for and how much is very important. I know that it can be confusing trying to find out exactly what they pay and how much you should be paying. So today I’m going to help you know what Medicare pays for Nursing home care and how much you would be responsible for. Nursing Home Care With Medicare can be simple. I will also show you how Medigap supplement will save you money and help you keep more money in your pocket.


Nursing homes are not the same as assisted living or independent living facilities. Independent living facilities are usually apartments or homes for seniors who need little or no help or care. Assisted living facilities offer a level of care that’s between independent living and skilled nursing. Assisted living usually does not include medical care. Medicare generally does not cover care at assisted or independent living facilities.

Eligibility for Medicare skilled nursing coverage

In general, Medicare covers short-term skilled nursing care, with many limitations.

You may qualify for Medicare coverage if you meet these requirements:

  • You have Medicare Part A (hospital insurance).
  • You have an inpatient stay of at least three days in a row (a “qualifying stay”), counting the day of inpatient admission to the hospital, but not counting the day of discharge, before being admitted to the nursing home.
  • Your nursing home is certified by Medicare.
  • You start your stay at the nursing home within a short time (generally, 30 days) after discharge from the qualifying three-day hospital stay.
  • Your doctor has ordered nursing home care and services for you.
  • You need these services on a daily basis (see Exception below).
  • The services are provided or supervised by skilled professionals.
  • You need these services for either of the following:
    • a hospital-related condition that was treated during the qualifying three-day hospital stay, or
    • a condition that arose in the nursing home while you were being treated there for a hospital-related condition


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For the first 20 days, Medicare pays 100 percent of your costs. For days 21 through 100, you pay your own expenses up to $140.00 per day (as of 2013), and Medicare pays any balance. You pay 100 percent of costs for each day you stay in a skilled nursing facility after day 100.



Now if you have a Medigap Supplement plan like F, G, and N this will save you money. How? These plans will pay for ALL the payments you would have to make AND will add an addtional 100 days to home many days you can stay in a Nursing Home.


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