Most popular Medicare Supplement plans

Most popular Medicare Supplement plans

Most popular Medicare Supplement plans

Most popular Medicare Supplement plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

The most popular Medicare Supplement plans in the Medicare field would have to be plan F, G and N. These plans are all different but they are the most popular plans out there. Now be low I will tell you all the differences between all the plans and why they are the most popular ones. Now with these Medicare Supplement plans you can go to any doctor you want as long as the doctor accept Medicare. You don’t have to worry about if your doctor is going to cover you or if the doctor is in your network. Because with these plans your not in a network.


Plan F

Now Medicare Supplement plan F is going to be the best plan that you can get. It is going to cover you 100%. With this plan you will have no out-of-pocket expenses except for your monthly premium. You will not be responsible for Copayments, Coinsurance, or deductible’s. Now the Plan F is going to be a plan for someone who has a few health conditions but nothing too major, because I’m sure most of you know the Medicare Supplement plans are medically underwritten. This is going to be the most expenses plan there is in most cases.


Plan G

With Medicare Supplement plan G there is a slight difference between this and plan F. The only difference is that with Medicare Supplement plan G you will be responsible for the Part B deductible and the monthly premium. There are no Copayments, or Coinsurance expenses. With the Plan G this plan is going to be for someone who may have a couple of health conditions but not enough to really have to be paying a lot of out pocket for it. This will be the best priced plan that there is. This plan can save you more sometimes rather than going with the plan F even though you have the Part B deductible.


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Plan N

Now with Medicare Supplement plan N there are going to be some more differences between them. Starting with the deductible you will be responsible for the part B deductible just like plan G. Also with this plan depending on what state you live in you could be responsible for the Part B Excess charges. What that means is that by law your doctor can charge you 15% more of the Medicare-Approved charges. With this plan N you could have up to a $20 copay at some doctors visits, and a $50 copay at the ER if you do NOT get admitted into the hospital. This plan N is going to be for someone who either can’t afford a better plan or they just don’t go to the doctor a whole lot but want to be safe just in case.


What I like to tell all of my clients is that if you can somehow afford to get a Medicare Supplement plan then I would. Because we never know what the future holds for us. Something could come up any day without any notice. You wouldn’t want to be the person who ends up having cancer and then try to get on a Medicare Supplement plan and get declined do you? So I would advise everyone that your health matters take care of yourself and get good insurance to cover you just in case something comes up! YOU NEVER KNOW!


So if your ready to get signed up for your Medicare Supplement plan today then give me directly a call here at 1-800-Medigap! I am a licensed broker and I can look at a variety of insurance companies to see who is offering the best rate for these plans! You can reach me at 901-KORTNI8

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