Medigap Insurance and Suppelment Plans

Medigap Insurance and Suppelment Plans




Saying there is a lot to learn about Medigap Insurance is an understatement, but there is help, and we are here to do so. There are ten standardized plans by the government when it comes to choosing a Medigap plan. They are named by a single letter. One of the greatest parts about Medigap plans is that they don’t work in an HMO or PPO network. A doctor or hospital that accept your Medicare card by law then must take your Medigap Plan as well.


There are three plans that I would consider as the top plans. They are as follow F, G, and N. With all Medigap insurance plans, you have to go through medical underwriting. Unless you have just started Medicare or taken Part B for the first time you are in your Open Enrollment time. If you are being dropped by an Employer/Group plan or you have moved out of your advantage plan network.Then you are Guaranteed Issue. That means you would not have to go through medical underwriting.

Plan F

To start, I will go over the Plan F and what it covers. Now this plan is what I would consider as the “Cadillac Plan” if you will. Other than passing underwriting to get this plan all you will have is a monthly premium. After that, this Medigap plan will cover you 100% of all the procedures approved by medicare. That will cover all of your doctor visits and all hospital visits.

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Plan G

The next Supplement plan is known as the Plan G. This plan is very similar to the plan F, the only difference is a once yearly Part B deductible. You will still have a monthly premium, but once you meet your deductible and pay your premium you are 100% covered for any medical treatment that is approved by medicare.

Plan N

Lastly, the plan that I would recommend is a Medigap plan N. This plan is somewhat different than the other plans I have talked about because this plan does have copayments and leaves you open to a few out of pocket expenses. Although, this type of plan can be exactly what you are looking for. This Medigap insurance plan covers your doctor and hospital visits except for up to a $20 copayment for some of your doctor visits and up to a $50 copayment to a hospital. Unless you are admitted as an inpatient into the hospital. Where when this happens you will be completely covered. There is one more out of pocket expense that this plan has. It is call “Part B Excess Charges”. This is where your doctor is allowed to charge up to 15% OVER the Medicare-Approved charges. This does leave you responsible for paying them. Although there is a handful of states that do not allow the doctors there to do so.

All of the Medigap insurance plans that I have gone over can travel across state lines, and will cover 80% of Foreign Travel emergencies. So even though you might not be near your doctor you will still have the coverage you need and are paying for. No worrying if you are in your network or not. You’ll have the coverage you deserve!

Now because Medigap plans are standardized it won’t matter what company you choose to be insured with. I do recommend Mutual of Omaha but here at 1-800medigap, we are appointed with the top rated companies that provide Medigap supplements so we can compare all the insurance plans available to you in your area. This only takes a few minutes for our agents to do for you.

If you have any questions or want some more information regarding the Medigap program please give me a call at (475) 88CARLY

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