Medigap Hybrid

Medigap Hybrid


Medigap Information as part of an overall hybrid solution.
Why Medigap

Medigap aka Medicare Supplemental Insurance is an important area of concern for the increasing population of aging citizens in the United States. If a senior citizen is not covered by the Medicare insurance program (or is only partially covered) then Medigap can take up the slack. Rising health costs make it absolutely vital that a person searches out and finds the most robust and affordable coverage available. That is why a call to 1-800-MEDIGAP is a must for anyone looking to insure themselves properly.

Medigap Supplemental Insurance Eligibility

So the first question that must be answered is one of eligibility. Part A and Part B Medicare subscribers meet the baseline of eligibility requirements. However, there are a few other intricacies and it helps to know the details. For example, those receiving SSDI insurance while under the age of 65 are not eligible for the Meidcare supplement. Open enrollment is only those who are already 65 or will be within 6 months. If you have questions regarding further Medigap informationand give us a call.

Medigap Hybrid Solution

Medigap Drug Coverage is a part of the hybrid solution

Pharmaceuticals are an important component to this social program. Senior citizens are generally on a fixed income and can find it hard to afford a lengthy list of prescription drugs with all of the other expense that they are faced with. Unfortunately, there are no new plans being sold that include drug coverage. However, it is important for people existing plans to check with a specialist to insure that they follow proper procedure to not create a lapse in benefits. The best way to be sure that you are doing the right thing is to call and speak with a knowledgable and friendly representative.

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Understanding Medigap Information

Today’s modern world is full of tedious hassles that must be navigated to reach the end goal. For many, Medicare and Medigap insurance can be one such complication, but it does not have to be.


Medigap Hybrid Plan

The Medicare Supplement Plan F High Deductible + Medigap Annuity + Part D Plan

This solution will allow you to manage your overall medicare out of pocket costs over time, making it the best long term solution for OVERALL COST OF OWNERSHIP!

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