Medigap Company Ratings

Medigap Companies and Ratings

There are quite a few different companies to choose from when you’re looking into Medigap insurance Company. Here at 1-800-MEDIGAP, we use the A.M Best ratings to keep up to date on what are the best Medigap company’s. The way the A.M Best rating is an independent third- party that evaluates and determines the ability of insurers to fulfill its financial obligations. Their rating process subjects all the Medigap company to rigorous criteria providing a valuable benchmark for comparing all the Medigap insurers. On the A.M Best ratings, they have seven ratings for Companies.

Superior rating

They are A++ and A+ for a Superior rating. This would be assigned to a Medigap Company for having a superior ability to meet and go above their ongoing insurance obligations.


Next is A to A- this is for a company that is still excellent and meets their insurance obligations with high standards.

Good rating

B++, B+ is a Good rating. This company is still meeting all the Standers and having good customer relations.

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Fair to Marginal

B, B-, C++, and C+, these Medigap insurance companies are rated fair to marginal. Still doing well and meeting their claims, as well as being liked by their customers. But their financial strength is more on the vulnerable side than we like to see.

Weak to Poor

The last two categories for ratings are C, C-, and D from weak to poor. A company with a rating is going to be having trouble with all the obligations and meeting them. Their financial strength is very weak and vulnerable to the adverse changes in the economic conditions.

The agents at 1-800-Medigap always compare the top-rated  insurance companies not only for their financial vulnerability and customer service but their prices. We want to make sure you are paying the lowest premium and find as many discounts as we can for you. This is why Mutual of Omaha is our number one company! Not only are they A.M Best rated A+, but when you sign up with a spouse you can get a 12% discount in some states. We are also appointed with quite a few Medigap Insurance companies that offer a lot of discounts. Making sure we can save you as much money as possible. We are here to be your one stop shop and take the hassle out of your Medigap needs.

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