Medicare Claim Number

Medicare Claim Number

Now I know some of you are wondering what the letter at the end of the Medicare Claim number means. I am here to tell you what each of the letters mean.

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  • A- Primary Claimant (Wage Earner)
  • B- Spouse (Spouse or Retired Worker)
  • B1- Aged Husband, age 62 or over
  • B2- Young wife, with a child in her care
  • B3- Aged wife, 62 or over, second claimant
  • B5- Young wife, with child in her care, second claimant
  • B6- Divorced wife, age 62 or over
  • BY- Young husband, with a child in his care
  • C1-C9- Child (includes minor, student, or disabled child)
  • D- Aged widow age 60 or over
  • D1- Aged widower, age 60 or over
  • D2- Aged widow (2nd claimant)
  • D3- Aged widower (2nd claimant)
  • D6- Surviving Divorced wife, age 60 or over
  • E- Widowed Mother
  • E1- Surviving Divorced Mother
  • E4- Widowed Father
  • E5- Surviving Divorced Father
  • F1- Parent (Father)
  • F2- Parent (Mother)
  • F3- Stepfather
  • F4- Stepmother
  • F5- Adopting Father
  • F6- Adopting Mother
  • HA- Disabled claimant (wage earner)
  • HB- Aged wife or disabled claimant, age 62 or over
  • HC- Child of disabled claimant
  • M- Uninsured- premium health insurance benefits
  • M1- Uninsured- Qualified for (but refused health insurance benefits- Part A)
  • T- Enrolled in Medicare but temporarily delayed SS retirement benefits or uninsured- entitled to health insurance benefits (part A) under deemed or renal provisions
  • TA- Medicare Qualified Government Employment (MQGE)
  • TB MQGE- Aged Spouse
  • W- Disabled widow
  • W1- Disabled Widower
  • W6- Disabled surviving divorced wife
  • WA- Railroad retirement

So now you can look at these letters and know what the letters mean on your Medicare card. If you are looking for more information or have any questions you can give me a call at 901-KORTNI8. I’m a Licensed Broker, which means I can look at multiple insurance companies and see which company is offering the cheapest rates for the Medicare Supplement plans.

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