Making Money Selling Medicare Supplements

Making Money Selling Medicare Supplements

Making money selling medicare supplements over the phone

Making money selling medicare supplements over the phone

Making Money Selling Medicare Supplements is very profitable with over 10,000 people a day turning 65 and millions all ready on Medicare Part A & B who need or have a medicare supplement.

Because there are so many people turning 65, the opportunities are limitless.


Top 10 ways to make money selling medicare supplements-Best ways to market medicare supplements

  • Family & Friends turning 65 (we all have them)
  • Chamber of commerce meetings
  • Senior Clubs
  • Retirement Parties
  • Bingo Halls (Full of people turning 65)
  • Cruise Ships (Great way to write off a vacation-not on spring break or holidays)
  • Referrals from tax people, other insurance agents and professionlas you network with
  • Internet Marketing
  • Val-pack
  • Direct Mail

Really the list goes on and on, every where you turn their is an opportunity to either sell or ask for a referral. So now that you know the opportunities are limitless, the next question is going to be HOW MUCH DO I MAKE?

How much do I make selling Medicare Supplements?

The great thing about insurance sales in general is you typically get paid every year for several years after the sales depending on what plan you put the customer in, as long as they pay you get paid.

An average premium is $150.00 a month for a medicare supplement, which means the insurance company will collect $1800.00 a year in premium from the customer and you they agent will get paid around $200.00 a year for several years. So if you take good care of your customers and you get paid for 4-6 years the value of 1 new customer is around $1000.00 per sale!


Pretty good money for a sales process that takes less than 1 hour!

How do I get started selling medicare supplements?

Step 1: Get your insurance license through your state department of insurance COST: $150.00 estimated

Step 2: Find a sponsor or broker to train you and help you get insurance company contracts. COST: Typically FREE + Appointment fees ranging from $5.00 to $40.00 per carrier per state. Call (657)2AGENTS to become an agent!

Step 3: get training (Invest as much time here as possible to become good at your craft)

Free Medicare Supplement Quote


Step 4: Get online access to start enrolling customers


Step 5: Start making money.


Good news is most carriers will pay you in advance for 9 months of premium, so you could potentially start bringing in money the same week you sell your first policy.


Selling medicare supplements over the phone

Thanks to technology once you get your business started, you can branch out into other states and begin selling medicare supplements by phone and that opens up a whole new set of family, friends and referrals nation wide.

Now that you have an overview on how to start selling medicare supplements..make the call 1-657-2AGENTS

There are over 150 insurance plan options in the 50 states, and they all have different process for selling their products. If you would like to become an agent or have questions about the profession give us a call directly at 1-657-2AGENTS


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