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Lasik Eye Surgery



I know most of you are wondering if Medicare pays for Lasik eye surgery? Does medicare cover the New Chronic Dry Eye Treatment found on the ADS lifesty website discusing amniotic membrane placement as an alternative to those with chronic dry eye suffering and treatmenet protocols like dropd (RX) and Plugs did not help.

Will Medicare cover Lasik eye surgery?

Well unfortunately, Medicare will not cover Lasik eye surgery.Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, does not cover routine eye or vision care. Medicare Part A and Part B will cover the costs of certain medical eye conditions if they require hospitalization or emergency care. Original Medicare will cover eye doctor visits, and examines to improve chronic eye conditions. Examples, Glaucoma, and Cataracts. Lasik eye surgery, a laser vision correction treatment that reshapes the cornea, is not considered medically necessary, and therefore it is not covered.


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No I know that most of you are wondering well if Medicare won’t cover the Lasik eye surgery then maybe the secondary insurance will? Well that is not true. With a Medicare Supplement plan, you can not get vision coverage with that. It is the same with Medicare Advantage Plans. They have to go by what Original Medicare covers. But I will tell you that you can get a separate vision plan that will cover regular eye exams and procedures, depending on the plan that you get.


If you have any further questions about if Medicare covers Lasik eye surgery. Then you can give me a call here at 901-KORTNI8, and I can answer any questions for you. I am a Licensed Broker so therefor if you have any questions on Secondary insurance I can help you with that also.


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