How much does Medicare Supplement Insurance cost

How much does Medicare Supplement Insurance cost

Looking into Medicare supplement insurance? One of the biggest questions is cost. So Today I will go over what a Supplement plan might cost and what might make your rates go up.


Coverage for Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, generally includes a monthly Part B premium, a Part A hospital deductible, a Part B deductible, and a 20% coinsurance for medical expenses and outpatient services. There’s no limit on out-of-pocket spending, and it doesn’t cover many services that elderly and disabled Americans typically need, like long-term care, dental, or vision. On top of that, health care costs continue to rise.

To help with these costs, many people choose to buy a Medicare Supplement Plan (also know as MedSup Plan or Medigap). If you’re considering a Medicare Supplement Plan, you’ll want to do your homework before selecting a policy that is right for you. Careful research will help you select the plan with the lowest and most competitive Medigap costs.


How much does Medicare Supplement Insurance cost? Your Premium is based off over your zip code and county. The way they do this is different from each company. Most base this off of how many claims during the year come from that zip code and this is one way they can raise your yearly premium. Each year your premium might raise some due to your age but not every year will this be true.

There a three ways an insurance company prices its Medigap plans:

  • Under a community-rated or no-age-rated plan, all beneficiaries pay the same Medigap costs and premiums, regardless of age.
  • In an issue-age-rated or entry-age-rated plan, Medigap premiums are based on your age when you first enroll.
  • Under an attained-age-rated plan, your Medigap premiums are based on your current age in a given year.


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Your Medigap plan can’t raise your premium because you’re sick.


When Looking at plans

When is comes to looking at Medigap plans what you need to know the plans are all standardized. What this means to you is that each plan with the same later name will have the same benefits. for example if BCBS ( blue cross blue shide) and MOO ( Mutual Of Omaha)both offer a Plan later G they will be exactly the same. The only thing that can be different is the what your monthly premium will be.


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