Does Medicare Cover Medical Alert Systems

Does Medicare Cover Medical Alert Systems

Does Medicare Cover Medical Alert Systems? Well, Medical alert systems greatly increase the quality of life for seniors. They allow the elderly to enjoy living in the comfort of their own homes, knowing that medical help is available to them 24/7. They send emergency help over to the home promptly and save hundreds of lives per day.

Alert Systems

Medicare covers all different types of helpful things for the elderly and disabled. Although no one doubts their effectiveness, for the most part, insurance companies and Medicare will not cover the cost of medical alert systems. However, we encourage our customers to call their insurance provider to check if they qualify for reimbursement. Occasionally, insurance companies will pay for the alert system if the individual’s circumstances merit it. Usually, a doctor’s recommendation is required before an insurance company will issue a reimbursement.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

If you have Long-Term Care Insurance, you may qualify for reimbursement of your med alert service. Long-Term Care Insurance helps aging seniors with medical disabilities pay for home care services.

Long-Term Care Insurance includes the cost of durable medical equipment. Call your insurance provider to see if you qualify for medical alert coverage.


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What To Do If Your Insurance Won’t Cover Medical Alert System Use

If you can’t afford service and your insurance refuses to cover the expenses, call your local Area on Aging office. They provide resources for older adults and those with disabilities who cannot afford certain health services. They may be able to offer you financial assistance.

Tips To Save You Money


Before choosing a provider, find out what your total upfront costs. Be wary of any hidden equipment fees, activation fees, shipping fees, or security deposits.

Carefully read any contracts or service agreements so that you’ll be aware of any cancellation fees and special clauses. Ask what will happen if you should need to cancel the service abruptly.


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