Dental insurance Medicare Supplement plans

Dental insurance Medicare Supplement plans

Dentaflex PPO Advantage plan

Premium $38.60/mo
Deductible $50 per person per calendar year. $150 Family per calendar year. *The deductible is waived in-network on preventative services

Copay N/A

Description In Network Out of Network
Diagnostic and Preventative Procedures (Benefits Begin Immediately) Two (2) routine exams of mouth and teeth per calendar year Two (2) cleanings and polishes per calendar year Space Maintainers 100% 70%
Basic Procedures Plan Pays (Benefits begin after 6 months of enrollment) Extraction of teeth X-Rays Pin Retention of fillings Fillings Antibiotic Injections 80% 70%
Major Dental Service (Benefits begin after 18 months of enrollment) Oral Surgery Scaling Endodontic Treatment of Disease Periodontal services Crown build up Re-cementing Denture or bridge repair General Anesthesia and analgesic Restoration services Prosthetic services 60% 50%
$50 per person per calendar year. $150 Family per calendar year. *The deductible is waived in-network on preventative services

Premium $39.07

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 $50 Per Person Per Calendar Year/$100 Per Person Per Calendar Year for 65+
$10 Per Person Per Visit/$25 Per Person Per Visit for 65+
Description Plan Pays Year 1 Plan Pays Year 2
Preventative Procedures Preventative: Routine oral exams—limited to 2 per calendar year, Prophylaxis—limited to 2 per calendar year, Topical application of fluoride—for dependent children under age 19; limited to 1 per calendar year (not applicable in all states) 100% 100%
Diagnostic Procedures Diagnostic: Intra-Oral Occlusal Film, Bitewing X-rays (up to a set of 4)—Limited to 1 per calendar year, Full mouth X-rays (Panoramic film or Full series)—No less than 36 months apart 90% 90%
Basic Procedures (4 month waiting period) Simple extractions, Pin retention – per tooth, in addition to restorations. Fillings (restorations): Amalgam restorations, Composite restorations—limited to anterior teeth and bicuspids, and Sedative fillings. Antibiotic injections administered by a dentist, Maintenance Prosthodontics: Denture repairs/Adjustments, Denture Rebase—no less than 24 months apart, Denture Reline—no less than 24 months apart 80% 80%
Major Procedures (15 month waiting period) Endodontic treatment Periodontic services Inlays, onlays and crowns Prosthetic services (dentures or bridges) Oral surgery 0% 50%

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