How to Choose a Medigap Supplement

How to Choose a Medigap Supplement

Are you trying to choose a Medigap Supplement for yourself or maybe a loved one? Medicare and Medigap has a lot of different plans to pick from. And making the right decision can be hard.


The Medigap Supplement plans

There are 11 Medigap plans. they have all been standardized and named by the government. Each plan was given a letter to designate what benefits are with what plan.

Medigap Supplement plans Chart

Medigap Supplement Chart

What’s next?

Now that you know what the plans are how do you  pick the right Medigap Supplement plan? This will depend on what you are looking for from your secondary insurance. Most people are looking for the fastest and easiest plan that will fit their budget.


My clients say that it is much easier to have their monthly premium drafted from there account. Then having to worry about remembering to make a payment. This is the best way to set up your supplement. Although you can pick a  different type of payment if you would like. After the first drafted premium.

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When looking at the plans and talking with my clients, I have found that there are three plans that most people like. the plans are F, G, and N. this is because they are the simplest and most effective. The plans F and G are very similar. Where the plan F covers all of your out or pocket payments by having just a monthly premium the plan G has a once yearly deductible. This deductible is called the Part B deductible. Although you are not paying this Part B deductible out of your pocket with the plan F it is covered by your insurance company. in some cases it will be more cost a effective to go with the plan G and pay the deductible yourself rather then the insurance company. Now the last plan is N. this plan has copayments and a deductible. For some people this plan works better for them because of how much you go to the doctor.

Last Step

The last step is to pick what company that you want to go with. There are quit a few compaies you can pick from. Here at 1-800-MEDIGAP we have made this simpel adn easy for you.all you have to do is give us a call and we can help you find the best fit for you!

or you can give me a call directly at (475) 88CARLY/ (475) 882-2759.



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