Best ways to market Medicare Supplements

Best ways to market Medicare Supplements

What are the best ways to market Medicare Supplements?


With over 10,000 people a day turning 65, and millions already on Medicare there a limitless ways to market for medicare supplements.

Ways to market Medicare Supplements under $100.00

  • Senior Event Organizer
  • Bingo Hall Booth rental (at the door of your local bingo hall)
  • Start a medicare supplement blog
  • Start a local area lead exchange between other small business in your area
  • Do a co-op door hanger with your local P&C insurance agent or other small business
  • School Bus Advertising
  • Chamber of Commerce membership
  • B&I


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Ways to market Medicare Supplements over $100.00

  • Pay-per-click marketing ($2000.00 to $50,000 a month)
  • Search Engine Optimization ($500-$4000.00/mo)
  • Direct mail Campaigns (Typically $450.00 per 1000 mailers, with a 1% to 2% return)
  • TV advertising ($25,000 set up and $20-$50k a month +)
  • Radio Advertising ($2500.00 a month + set up)
  • Print Advertising
  • Billboards (Range from $500.00 to $150000 a month depending on location)
  • Senior Sponsor of large events
  • Cruise Ship marketing


As you can see there are many ways to make money selling Medicare Supplements and create medicare supplement leads. We also suggest you make the most out of those leads bu using a CRM and  Local Dialing platform to make sure you get as many LIVE CONTACTS as possible. We all know the leads are useless if you dont reach the customers!

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