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Medicare Medigap Insurance:  Baby-Boomer vs. Senior Citizen

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Are you part of the baby-boomer generation or a senior citizen?  I believe that I would much rather be referred to as a baby-boomer than a senior citizen even though in the long run it all means the same thing, that you are approaching retirement age. Regardless of how you would like to be referred to turning 65 comes with benefits and discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars over a period of time.  One item of interest is Medicare, Medicare Supplemental insurance.  This insurance coverage is very beneficial when it comes to you health care costs and it is available to you when you are enrolled in traditional Medicare.  Let’s take a look at what the benefits are for the valuable insurance coverage.

As was stated above, once you reach retirement age you are automatically enrolled in traditional Medicare.  Medicare has two parts, Part, A which will cover items such, approved hospitalizations, emergency services and nursing care facilities and requires no premium payment.  Part B will cover approves doctor fees, outpatient services and medical equipment and you are billed a monthly premium through your private insurance carrier.  Traditional Medicare will cover 80% of approved charges on both parts and leaves you with the remaining 20%.  You may think that isn’t very much, but when there is no cap on the 20% that is your portion the costs can skyrocket and it could mean financial disaster for some of you, especially if you are on a fixed income.   Medicare or Medigap coverage can help offset the cost of your portion of services rendered.  By paying a monthly premium you will be able to cover your 20% portion at 100%.   In order to receive this valuable coverage you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and if you enroll during the open enrollment phase you will have guaranteed coverage regardless of the condition of your health and continue to be insured as long as you make you monthly premium payments.

Whether you choose to refer to yourself as a baby-boomer or senior citizen the benefits are all the same.  You just need to take advantage of the open enrollment for Medicare or Medigap insurance coverage so that you can have this valuable coverage that will help offset your medical care costs and give you peace of mind for the road ahead, look into a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan today! Call toll free 1-877-531-5664 or 1-801-562-4199

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