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Award Winning Medicare Insurance Agents

Above are the top listed Medicare Insurance Agents in your area. These agents must go through weeks of training and certifications to service the general public.

Every Agent above is licensed with their STATE DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE and holds active insurance licenses to serve you.

Furthermore, they must go through rigorous continuing education, specific to their industry in order to comply with state licensing regulations.

Medicare Insurance Agent CONTINUING EDUCATION

Each state has specific rules on how many hours or classes each insurance agent must have to keep their licenses active and in good standings with the state department of insurance.

Carrier Specific Appointments

Agents are also required to hold specific appointments with each insurance company, that typically includes more training and product certification.



Each state DOI has a search for agents in your state so that you can verify they’re licensed as well as their GOOD STANDING status. We verify that prior to adding them to our list, but do not follow-up so if you find an agent, not in good standing please give us a call.


If you have any questions about an agent call us at 972-800-6670, if you want to confirm that they are appointed to a particular insurance company you can verify that using our MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT INSURANCE COMPANY LIST:

Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies

Customer Service Number Plans Offered
Aetna Life Insurance Company Agent
(800) 345-6022 A B C
American Continental Insurance Company Agent
(800) 264-4000 A B G N
American Republic Corp Insurance Company Agent
(888) 755-3065 A C F K L
Assured Life Association Agent
(877) 223-3666 A B C D F G N
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Agent
(800) 241-1439 A F G K
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, a Division of Health Care Serv. Corp. Agent
(888) 731-0415 A F G K L N
Central States Indemnity Company of Omaha Agent
(866) 644-3988 A B C F N
Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company Agent
(866) 361-1634 A C N
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company Agent
(800) 361-1634 A B F G K L M N
Combined Insurance Company of America Agent
(800) 361-1634 A F N
Continental General Insurance Agent
(866) 459-4272 A F G N
Equitable Life and Casualty Insurance Company Agent
(800) 352-5170 A F N
Family Life Insurance Company Agent Agent
(800) 877-7705 A B C D F G N
Forethought Life Insurance Company Agent
(877) 492-5870 A C F G N
Gerber Life Insurance Company Agent
(877) 778-0839 A F G
Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company Agent
(800) 801-6831 A B C F
Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company Agent
(866) 865-7631 A C F G N
Heartland National Life Insurance Company Agent
(800) 373-4000 A D F G M N
Humana Insurance Company Agent
(888) 310-8482 A B C F K L
Liberty National Life Insurance Company Agent
(800) 331-2512 A B F N
Loyal American Life Insurance Company Agent
(866) 459-4272 A B C D F G N
Madison National Life Insurance Company Agent
(800) 277-3323 A B F G K N
Marquette National Life Insurance Agent
(800) 934-8203 A D F G N
Medico Insurance Company Agent
(800) 228-6080 A C F G M N
New Era Life Insurance Company of the Midwest Agent
(800) 713-4680 A C D F G N
Old Surety Life Insurance Company Agent
(800) 272-5466 A F
Oxford Life Insurance Company Agent
(800) 308-2318 A F N
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company Agent
(800) 228-9100 A F G
Reserve National Insurance Company Agent
(800) 654-9106 A C F N
Royal Neighbors of America Agent
(800) 627-4762 A F G
Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company Agent
(800) 247-1423 A B C D F N
Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company Agent
(888) 350-1488 A B C F G K N
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Agent
(866) 855-1212 A C F
State Mutual Insurance Company Agent
(877) 800-1264 A B C D F G M N
Sterling Investors Life Insurance Company Agent
(877) 896-6434 A B C D F G K M N
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Agent
(800) 847-4836 A B C D F G L M
United American Insurance Company Agent
(800) 331-2512 A B C D F G K L N
United Commercial Travelers of America, The Order of Agent
(800) 848-0123 A B C D F G N
United National Life Insurance Company of America Agent
(800) 207-8050 A C
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company of America
(800) 207-8050 A F G M
UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company
(800) 523-5800 A F G K L N
USAA Life Insurance Company
(800) 531-8000 A F
World Corp Insurance Company
(800)786-7557 A F
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