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Medicare Options, Medicare Supplement Options, and Medigap Options.  

Before jumping into a Medicare plan and continuing to remain in that particular plan for years, it is important to know all of your Medicare supplement options. However, in order to understand all of your Medicare Supplement Options and Medigap options, you must first get a better understanding of the lingo.  So below we will get into detail about the various parts of Medicare.

Did you know that there are four parts of Medicare?  They are:  Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C, and lastly, Medicare Part D.

Medicare Part A Options-- is your basic hospital insurance.  Medicare Part A covers: Inpatient care in hospitals, skilled nursing facility, hospice care, and home health care.  With Medicare Part A however, Medicare will only cover you up to 80 percent.  Therefore, as a Medicare beneficiary, you will be required to pay the remaining 20 percent.

Medicare Part B Options-- Is your basic medical insurance.  Medicare Part B covers: Doctor visits, outpatient care, durable medical equipment and services, home health services, in addition to various other medical services.  However, like Medicare Part A, with Medicare with B, you will also only be 80 percent covered.  So, you will have to pay the remaining 20 percent out of your own pocket. 


Medicare Part C Options-- Is also know as a Medicare Advantage options.  Medicare Part C is offered by private insurance companies in contract with Medicare to provide beneficiaries with a plan with all of the benefits of Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, and in some cases, Medicare Part D.  You see, a Medicare Advantage Plan, or Medicare Part C, is a combination of Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) , B (basic medical insurance), and sometimes D (prescription drug plans).  With this Medicare Advantage option, you are also able to get extra coverage for extra cost.  For example, you are able to get coverage for: dental, vision, hearing, health and wellness programs, etc.  This Medicare Advantage Option is great for people looking to combine various parts of Medicare like, Medicare Part A, Medivcare Part B, and Medicare Part C.  

Medicare Part D Options-- is also known as a prescription drug plan.  To get Medicare Part D option, you must enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan.  The Medicare Part D option will vary in costs and prescription drugs that are covered.  You will only be able to get a prescription drug coverage plan by enrolling in Medicare Part D or some, but not all, Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C).  A Medicare Part D option will be very beneficial if you have many prescriptions drugs and are currently having difficulty affording them. 

Original Medicare Option-- Original Medicare is a combination of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.  In order to qualify for original Medicare, you will have to be 65 years or older.  In many cases, you are automatically enrolled with Medicare once you reach the age of 65.  With original Medicare, you will have hospital coverage (Medicare Part A) and basic medical coverage (Medicare Part B).  For most people, the part A of original Medicare is free.  In fact, that is often referred to as the ‘Premium free Part A’.  How with Medicare Part B, you will be required to pay a monthly premium.  It’s also to keep in mind that with original Medicare, you will only be 80 percent covered.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to cover the 20 percent left  behind.  

In addition to these four basic parts of Medicare, there is also one addition option, and that is Medicare supplement option, also know as a Medigap option.  If you remember correctly, I mentioned previously in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B that you will only be 80 percent covered.  This is why Medicare Supplement is an option that many seniors consider.  Why?  Because with Medicare supplemental insurance, you are guaranteed to be 100 percent covered.  Because you are 100 percent covered, many people are not vulnerable to high hospital or medical bills that often come with many aging seniors.  With a Medicare supplement insurance plan, you will be 100 percent covered in exchanged for a low monthly premium.  

Once you have and understood all of the parts of Medicare that we listed above (Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C, Medicare Part D, Original Medicare, and Medicare Supplemental Insurance), you should now have a better understanding all of your Medicare supplemental insurance options and all of the Medigap options.  In fact, you can choose any of the above methods for insurance.  Although, we recommend using Medicare Supplemental insurance, because we believe that it is able to cover you the most while saving you the money. 

Medicare Supplement Plans

Choosing Medicare supplement plans can often be difficult.  This is so because there are 10 different Medicare Supplement Plans out there.  Once you decide what Medicare option you choose, it important to continue to do your research.  For example, if you choose the Medicare Supplement insurance options, or the Medigap option, you then will have to choose a Medicare supplement plan.  These Medicare supplement plans, or Medigap plans, are available to those who are currently enrolled in original Medicare.  There are 10 Medicare supplement plans available-- A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N.  

Medicare Supplement Plan F-- With Medicare Supplement Plan F, you get the most coverage available. In fact, Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most popular out of all of the Medicare supplement plans because of the amount of coverage it offers.  Because the plan covers costs in excess of Medicare-approved amounts, you may have no out-of-pocket costs for hospital and doctor's office care with this plan.  You see, with Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan F, you are guaranteed to be 100 percent covered!  

Medicare Supplement Plan F covers:

Medicare Supplement Plan G--Medicare Supplement Plan G is a good fit for people who want some coverage for hospitalization, but are willing to pay the Part B deductible on their own.  Medicare Supplement Plan G is a semi popular Medigap plan because it covers most of the big expenses approved by Medicare Insurance. In fact, the only time you will be required to pay the 'gaps' left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B is for the Part B calendar year deductible.  Another benefit to Medicare Supplement Plan G is that Plan G also pays for At Home Recovery which is not approved by Medicare Insurance.

Medicare Supplement Plan G covers:

Medicare Supplement Plan K--Medicare Supplement Plan K covers services similar to other Medicare Supplement insurance policies. Instead of paying all your costs however, Medicare Supplement Plan K pays a percentage. For example, if you have a serious illness or injury, you have the protection of an out-of-pocket annual limit. Once you reach this "cap" on your out-of-pocket costs, the plan pays 100 percent of Medicare-approved costs for the rest of the year. This plan is a good option if you prefer a lower premium but still want a fair amount of coverage for a wide variety of services.

Medicare Supplement Plan K coverage:

In addition to the basic benefits, Plan K also provides coverage for:

Medicare Supplement Plan L--Medicare Supplement Plan L is a great option for seniors who want a Medicare Supplement insurance policy with an affordable premium, but with a reasonable amount of coverage for a wide variety of services as well.  This plan can be compared to Medicare Supplement Plan K, except it:

Medicare Supplement Plan L also covers:

In addition to the basic benefits, Plan L also provides coverage for:

Medicare Supplement Plan M--

Medicare Supplement Plan N--Medicare Supplement Plan N provides more coverage than Plans K and L while still maintaining a lower premium than Plans A through G. The only out-of-pocket expenses incurred (after the plan’s monthly premium) is a $20 copay for office visits and a $50 copay for ER. Plan N covers:

Basic Medicare benefits including

In addition to the basic benefits, Plan N also provides coverage for:

In order to find the best Medicare Supplement plan for you, you must do your research.  This means, doing your research online, asking family members, and asking family friends.  If you do enjoy doing your own research, you can also call a professional insurance provider, like us, who have local agents specific to your exact location.  Simply call us at 1-800-MEDIGAP, where you will be able to talk to a licensed agent.  Together, you will be able to receive free quotes on various plans and thus, find the best plan with 

Medicare Supplement Cost 

The cost of Medicare Supplement plan varies widely. Unlike Original Medicare, Medigap isurance is offered by private insurance companies although they are still in contract with Medicare insurance.  There are currently 10 different Medicare supplement plans: A, B, C, D, F, G, K L, M and N. These plans cover Medicare co payments, deductibles, and additional services that are not covered by Medicare. The cost of a Medicare supplement plans, or Medigap plans, depend on the amount of coverage that the specirfic plan provides. Plan F, which we mentioned earlier, provides the most thorough coverage.  However, the downfall to Medicare supplement plan f is that it carries higher premiums than less thorough plans. If you are looking for additional information of Medicare supplement plans, call us today at 1-800-MEDIGAP.

Did you know that there are specific Factors That Affect the Cost of Medigap plan?  Your monthly premiums will depend on several different factors like your age, your residing location, the provider offering the plan and their specific policy. Your marital status, gender and whether you smoke will also affect the price of your policy. It is also important to understand that different companies set premiums different ways. Policies may be community-rated, issue-age related and attained-age related. In some areas, companies might be required to price policies a certain way. In others, companies may set premiums based on the method of their choosing.  Also, just because one specific provider offers Medicare Supplemental insurance for a certain price specific to your location, does not mean that that plan will remain that same price for all other locations as well.  This is why it is a good idea to search for Medicare Supplemental insurance plans specific to your own location.

AARP Medicare Supplement Options

AARP is one of the top insurance providers in the United States.  In addition to Medicare Supplemental, or Medigap, Insurance, AARP also offers tons of various other insurances.  

Where are the AARP Medicare Supplement Option plans available?

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans are available in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., and most U.S. territories.

How do these AARp Medicare supplement options plans benefit retirees?
The AARP Medicare Supplement Plans offer your retirees freedom and flexibility. They'll benefit from:

California Medicare Supplement Options: 

Will You Be On A Fixed Income?

Are you part of the baby boomer generation? Do you realize that the baby-boomer generation is the largest generation to come around in a long time? It is a generation that has produced some of the worst conditions we have ever seen. 4000 people per day that refer to themselves as the baby boomer benefits. Of these 4000 people you have to wonder about how they are going to make ends meet in their retirement years. Most of us will be on fixed incomes in our retirement years. We will have to budget everything down to the last penny.  Most people who are entering retirement will automatically be enrolled in both Medicare plans. These plans are designed to help offset the high cost of medical care. But even with traditional Medicare there are still going to be expenses that have to be paid. Medicare will cover 80 of approved procedures and services leaving you with the remaining 20. Keep in mind that the remaining 20 will not have a cap so your portion could get very expensive and as was stated earlier, if you are on a fixed income this will spell financial disaster. This is where Medicare supplemental insurance plans will come into play.  You see, there are various California Medicare Supplement Options available so that you are able to be 100 percent covered.  

California Medicare supplement options like Medicare supplement, or Medigap, coverage is designed to bridge the gap between what Medicare will cover and what your responsibility is. It is available to you once you have been enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. With one simply monthly premium payment you will have peace of mind that will last as long as your make the Medicare supplement premium payments. It is simple to get, all you have to do is contact any Medicare supplement provider and he or she will be able to walk you through the procedure to get this great coverage. And the best news is that if you enroll during the Medicare supplement open enrollment you will have guaranteed issue, meaning that you will not have to go through the underwriting process regardless of the condition of your health.

So, being part of the baby boomer generation does have its advantages. Even if you are going to be on a fixed income during your retirement years you will still be able to budget and make ends meet and still have enough extra money left over to enjoy your retirement years. Don't wait to take advantage of all of your California Medicare supplement options. Go online or call any one of the Medicare supplement providers and get started today with your Medicare supplement options.  

Medicare Prescription plans 2016 

Earlier, we mentioned the various types of Medicare: Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C, and Medicare Part D.  Not, we are going to get into further detail about Medicare part D, which is Medicare prescription plans.  Did you know that you are able to switch into a new Medicare Part D plan for 2012 during the open enrollment period from October 15 to December 7.

Because premium prices, deductibles, and covered medications are able to change each year, it is a good idea to check out new changes to all of the plans and to see whether or not your current plan will still be a good fit for you in the next coming year. 

Did you know that medicare Prescription Plans 2012 are available to anyone currently enrolled or eligible for Medicare insurance? If you are looking into getting a Medicare drug coverage plan, you first must join a Medicare drug plan, but it is also important to keep in mind that Medicare prescription plans cab vary in cost and drugs covered.

There are Two types of plans that offer Medicare prescription plans in 2012.  

  1. Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. These plans are also called Medicare Part D plans.  Medicare prescription drug plans add drug coverage to your Original Medicare plan, some Medicare Cost Plans, some Medicare Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plans, and Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plans.  As we mentioned previously, original Medicare is a combination of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.  Also, most people are automatically enrolled in Original Medicare.

  2. Medicare Advantage Plans (like an HMO or PPO) also are able to offer Medicare health plans that offer Medicare prescription drug coverage., or Medicare Part D coverage.  If you remember correctly, Medicare Advantage Plans, also known as Medicare Part C, is a combination of Medicare Part A and B, but sometime insurance providers add Medicare Part D in there in addition to Part A and Part B.

Who can get Medicare Prescription Plans 2012?

If you are looking to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, or a Medicare Part D plan, you must have Medicare Part A or Part B or both.  If you are looking to enroll in a prescription drug coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan, or a Medicare Part C Plan,  you must have Part A and Part B.


How to Join a Medicare drug plan 

Once you choose a Medicare drug plan, you may be able to join by completing a paper application, calling the plan, or by simply enrolling on the plan’s Web site. You can also enroll by calling 1-800-MEDIGAP (1-800-633-4227). You can also contact the specific plan you are interested in to find out how to join. Medicare drug plans are not allowed to call you to enroll you in a plan so you will have to Call 1-800-MEDIGAP or fill out your information, including your phone number, on our website.  

In addition to Medicare prescriptions plans 2012, you may also want to look into Medicare supplemental insurance plans to help cover your expenses not covered by Part A, Part B, and Part D.  

Medicare Supplement Shop

We all know that shopping for Medicare supplement insurance can be overwhelming.  Why?  Because there are so many different insurance providers out there and there is so much information out there…maybe even too much information.  That is why it is important to research Medicare Supplement first.

As you research Medicare Supplement Shop online, you will see that there is tons of information and plans out there.  Therefore, it is beneficial if you do a Medicare Supplement comparison.  What is a Medicare supplement comparison?  Well, usually, most time insurance providers, will do a Medicare supplement comparison chart for you.  Therefore, you just go to their website, look for the Medicare Supplement comparison page, and you will be able to compare the ‘good’ and ‘bads’ of every plan they offer.  By doing so, you will be able to find the best plan that fits all of your insurance ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. 

If you find yourself on a website that does not offer a Medicare Supplement comparison chart, you will be able to complete a Medicare Supplement insurance comparison chart yourself.  All you have to do is research information, take notes on the various Medicare supplement insurance plans, and do your basic compare and contrast.  It’s that simple.   

If you are not exactly computer savvy, you are in luck.  All you need to do is find our phone number, which is simple enough-- 1800-MEDIGAP, and call a speak to an agent.  Our professional agents will walk you through the steps.  All you have to do is give us your information and your agent will give you tons of free quotes on various types of Medicare supplement insurance plans.  Together, with your agent, you will be able to find the best plan that fits all of your insurance needs.  The hard part is just finding it.  So, give us a call today.  Because together with can Medicare Supplement Shop!

Obtaining Medical Insurance Online Quotes

Finding a Medicare supplemental insurance policy does not require that people do a lot of work. They can easily obtain medical insurance online quotes from the website, or they may call 1-800-MEDIGAP or 1-800-633-4427 to speak with a representative. To obtain several medical insurance online quotes, seniors will need to offer a little personal information about themselves including their phone numbers, and they will receive a quick return call.

Online Quotes Save Money As Well As Time

Seniors who obtain their medical insurance online quotes will have the opportunity to compare the several different prices they will receive for the many Medigap plans that have been created to fill in the gaps left by Medicare. They will receive their quotes right on their computers, so this is a highly convenient service for them to use. They will have instant access to the prices of several insurance companies without having to call each one individually. This saves seniors a great deal of money because they can find the best deals with this service and valuable time.  So, give us a call today at 1-800-MEDIGAP for free quotes!