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Medicare Supplemental Insurance for Disabled

One point that needs to get across to very plainly and clearly, is that people under the age of 65 who are permanently disabled and are enrolled in original Medicare Part A and Part B are eligible for a Medigap plan with guaranteed issue depending on the state that you live in. Medicare by itself may cover many of the healthcare costs associated with the disability but there are many services in which Medicare will not participate. The bottom line is, that there are services and treatments that are required that may not be covered by original Medicare and you will end up paying out-of-pocket for those services and treatments. Medicare supplemental insurance for disabled will help fill the gaps in your Medicare coverage. There are different guidelines to follow when applying for a Medicare supplemental insurance for disabled persons. In order for your Medigap supplement application to be accepted and guaranteed if you are under the age of 65 you must apply within six months of your initial enrollment in Medicare Part B. If you missed the enrollment phase you will have to wait until the open enrollment period of a Medicare advantage plan which typically happens at the end of each year.

Medicare Disability Supplement Insurance

If you have taken advantage of Medicare disability supplement insurance coverage and you did so before the age of 65 you will be able to utilize the Open Enrollment period once again on your 65th birthday to apply for a new supplement policy or you may choose to stay with the same company. The open enrollment phase allows you to shop around for different plans that offer better premiums and switch to different companies that may have not been available when the beneficiary was under the age of 65. There are 10 supplement plans available, but you must keep in mind that depending on the state that you live in that not all 10 supplement plans may be available to you. Depending on which insurance company you choose to go with the cost of the Medicare supplement plans will vary. So it will be in your best interest to shop around for your supplemental insurance so that you know you are getting the best rate possible In the past Medicare supplement plans cover prescription drugs, however since this has changed in suburban plans do not cover drug coverage, beneficiaries can look into a Medicare part D plan that will work alongside a Medicare supplement plan.

Medigap Insurance Disabled

Switching gears a little bit: The talk that is coming out of Washington recently with regard to the debt deadlock is very concerning as it pertains to Medicare and Social Security. There is talk of taking funding away from the Medicare program which would leave a higher out-of-pocket expense for beneficiaries. With healthcare costs skyrocketing this will put a major strain on people who are eligible for Medicare coverage and the trickle-down effect may cause premiums on Medigap insurance disabled coverage to skyrocket as well. Physicians are also paying attention to the Congressional super committee that we set up to curtail the $15 trillion debt problem. With cuts in Medicare physicians may choose to limit the number of Medicare patients they are willing to see so that their practices will stay afloat. One of the reasons that physicians are deciding to limit their Medicare patients is that the federal government's insurance program often times will reimburse at well below the cost of care. When you stop to think about it, it seems as though physicians are in the same situation as Medicare recipients who have to make decisions in order to cover costs. Further Medicare recipient the answer is a Medicare supplement plan, and unfortunately for the physician it's the decision to take fewer Medicare patients that do not have a supplement plan.

Medicare Supplements for Disabled

If you live in the state where Medicare supplements for disabled people are not offered or if the supplement plans that you are eligible for are too costly or unsatisfactory regarding the coverage then perhaps you will want to consider in Medicare Part C plan, which is otherwise known as a Medicare advantage plan. An advantage plan covers both your Medicare Part A and Part B and additional coverage equivalent to a Medicare supplement plan. Medicare Part C is administered by private insurance company that has been approved by Medicare. This type of plan will have restrictions with regard to the physicians that you can use and works like a HMO or PPO. Most Medicare advantage plans will include Medicare prescription coverage which is known as Medicare Part D. So if you live in a state that does not offer Medicare supplement plans for the disabled that a MEDIGAP plan may be just right for you.

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